Nov 02 2018

Q&A: B Electric Co-Founder, Dominic de Couto

What is your company in 2-5 words?

Seeing the Best of Beijing.

Why is this a good time for your company to exist?

The simple fact that no one else offers what we offer! For first time visitors to Beijing, getting around it can take a long time and can also be very intimidating. We shrink it down and make it a much more manageable and exciting experience.

What do you love about your co-Founder?

I love Ilya’s attitude towards life and work. Man man lai is the main expression he says to me, which means relax and take it easy, it will happen! He helps me to keep things simple yet still exciting. He has faith in me but still speaks his mind. Most importantly, I trust him.

If you weren’t building your start-up, what would you be doing?

I would probably be teaching English, or working at Nike Shanghai. These were the two things that I was pursuing at the time, before the idea of building the start-up came into effect.

How do you measure success?

It is a little cheesy, but for me, the success I truly measure, is how happy and how much fun I am having.

In terms of the business, I would measure it in on reaching our revenue targets and the responses received from our guests.

What’s most exciting about your traction to date?

That people are finding us through ‘Google’!

Being able to be connected with like-minded individuals who like to explore Beijing by e-bike is truly exciting. I truly believe in doing things that interest you.

Where do you think your growth will be next year?

I hope that our tours will continue to grow, with the opening of 3 new tour options in Beijing.

  1. Electric Bicycle Tour of Modern Beijing
  2. Electric Bicycle Night Tour
  3. Electric Bicycle Full-Day Tour

I also think that our B2B will start to grow more next year, with more tour operators being interested in renting our e-bikes for their own style tours.

What is your biggest threat?

Traffic regulations. Although, we are taking the steps to make sure that we will stay within the new rules. If eventually they require licenses for riders of e-bikes, this will be a huge issue!

Weather! When it decides to rain, it can put a real negative black cloud over the tour and result in unhappy guests.

For young professionals looking to join this team, what is the type of ideal candidate for this team?

Someone who is:

  • Equally as excited to be in this city as we are.
  • Keen to try new things.
  • Motivated by the two things above and having a good time.
  • Positive and friendly.
  • Productive and organised/willing to teach me to be more organised.

Which other cities or areas of the world would you like to design a bike tour around?

Within China, we have a few cities in mind, which we are hoping to develop in the future.

We would both like to develop something within Europe, hopefully London. Not only is it an awesome place with many hidden gems, much like Beijing, it is also the capital of my home country and it is where my family, friends and most importantly, my dog, all live! My bigger dreams are to develop adventure tours in South America!

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