Oct 31 2018

Q&A w/ Sean McGibney, Managing Director, The Chairman's Bao

1. What first peaked your interest in China/what made you first come out to China?

I moved to China when I was 12 due to my Dad’s job, but had always shown a keen interest in the country and culture! It was a really eye-opening experience and one that I would put as one of the most formative parts of my life so far.

2. Could you give our readers a little intro to your business?

We launched The Chairman’s Bao [TCB] in 2015 and provide levelled news-based lessons graded for students of Chinese across all ability levels. We aim to promote little-and-often study with up to six new lessons each day, facilitated by cross-device access

3. Did you attend any university courses in China (language program/degree)? If so, which university program, when and general thoughts on it?

I studied my undergraduate degree at University of Leeds in the UK and spent a year at Shanghai Jiao Tong University during my second year.

4. How important is understanding China to your hiring process?

I would say a keen interest in China is a must for anybody we take on, but a deeper understanding would be role-dependent. All of our content team are fluent or native Chinese speakers. Everybody has at least a basic knowledge of Chinese and we all like to study with the platform!

6. Any general China advice for people thinking about studying or moving to China?

Steer clear of the “expat bubble” and try to meet and interact with as many Chinese people as you can. Some of my friends who lived in China for over seven years can barely speak a word of Chinese, which is really sad!


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