Aug 07 2018

Top 50 China Essentials

From sites to apps here are 50 resources to make your life easier in China.

1.Pleco- The essential dictionary to getting around and learning Chinese.

2.Baidu maps- Maybe the most accurate and up to date map app in China. Essential for getting around.

3.QQ Music- The Spotify of China.

4.WeChat- For messaging, paying for stuff, ordering a taxi, shopping, social media feed. Everyone with a phone in China will have WeChat.

5.Bill Bishop- A concise weekly breakdown of what is going on in China. The site for expat events, forums and news in Beijing.

7.Robot VPN- A fast and free VPN to get back onto western social media.

8.VPN Express- A premium paid VPN.

9.Astrill- yet another midrange paid VPN.

10.WeiBo- Popular social media and microblogging site.

11.Quizlet- Create flashcards to speed up your vocabulary learning.

12.AnkiDroid- A more long-term option for flash cards that reshuffle back in.

13.Lantern Institute- Video series of level oriented mandarin learning course.

14.Fluent in 3 Months- Benny Lewis method of language learning.

15.Baidu Store- Essential if you are not using a VPN on your phone as google play store is inaccessible.

16.QQ- Popular Chinese instant messaging service.

17.Weibo- Chinese microblogging site.

18.Jing Jobs- Useful site in looking for jobs and internships in China.

19.Lingq- Learning Chinese by reading and listening. Great site for learning languages like Chinese.

20.CCTV- Good listening practise by watching live news and Chinese TV.

21.Didi- Uber of China. Important for getting a reliable taxi ride in difficult spots.

22.E le ma- Oder food to your door with E Le Ma.

23.Wai Mai- Another hugely popular food ordering site.

24.DianPing- Review site for restaurants etc. the Yelp of Chinese sites. Useful for finding great food.

25.Youku- The Chinese version of YouTube.

26.TaoBao- The biggest online shopping site ram packed with bargains. Mostly used for finding apartments to rent (in Chinese) at local prices.

28.China Daily- Mouth piece and news outlet of the Chinese government.

29.XinHua- Another hugely popular news site. Expat forum site for those in or thinking about moving to Shanghai.

31.US Embassy Air Quality Monitor- Useful for checking the air quality in order to take precautions.

32.Chinese Pod- Great tool and unique style for learning mandarin

33.China Policy Institute Analysis (UK)- Insightful policy analysis on Chinese affairs. Great for political and business majors.

34.China Reddit- Chinese sub-reddit, not blocked in China.

35.Appetite for China- Popular Chinese food blog. Expat site for Kunming residents. Find out more about the city you live in or are looking to go to.

38.Trip Advisor- Great for planning trips. An abundance of great reviews and tips. A maps app that requires no Wi-Fi or data. Be sure to download region before your travels.

40.China-US-Focus- A site that focuses on the evolving US- China relationship.

41.OFO- Cheap and popular bike sharing app.

42.Mobike- Pay more for a better bike sharing app.

43.Blue GoGo- Midrange bike sharing app.

44.Sinocism- News letter analysis on things you need to know about China. Run by previously mentioned Bill Bishop.

45.EChinaCities- Another expat site for those in China or looking to head over.

46.Ctrip- Great app and site for booking flight or train tickets at local prices.

47.BaoPao- Another reliable online shopping site that has an array of bargains.

48.AliPay- Use your phone to pay with Alipay.

49.Cocoon- Free and reliable VPN integrated internet browser.

50.TanTan- China’s Tinder, use with caution.

Tom McVay

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