Beijing Normal University (BNU) Beishida,

北京师范大学 Běijīng Shīfàn Dàxué

Beijing Normal University’s roots can be traced back to 1898 when the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty after the Hundred Days’ Reform. The faculty of Education was renamed the Imperial Capital School of Supreme Teacher Training and was separated to become the Imperial University of Peking, which is now Peking University. Beijing Normal University is also known as Beishida and is most famous for Humanities and Sciences. For international students of Chinese students that are looking for prestigious university degrees in China, Beijing Normal University is an excellent choice.

Notable Campuses & Programs within China

Beijing Normal University currently offers 55, Undergraduate degree programs, 162 Master programs, and 100 Doctoral degree programs. Many of the disciplines taught at Beijing Normal University are top ranked programs within China. The primary disciplines that are taught at Beijing Normal University are: Psychology, Education, Mathematics, Chinese, Cell Biology, Geography, Marxist Philosophy, Physical Chemistry, Systems Science, Systems Science, Theoretical Physics, Theory of History, Environmental Science, Folklore/Anthropology, Ecology, and Educational Economics & Management.

In terms of research facilities, Beijing Normal University has 74 research laboratories that are divided between: 7 Key Labs of the Ministry of Education, 4 National Key Labs, 5 Key Labs of the Beijing Municipality, 7 Key Research Facilities for Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, 2 research centers of Engineering & Technology, and 40 other independent research centers. The annual research budget exceeds 100 million RMB. The main campus was located near Hepingmen and Liulichang. These campuses were converted to the current campus that is in the Beijing Haidian district.

For international student recruitment, Beijing Normal University was one of the first universities to recruit international students. This effort started with their Mandarin Chinese study program. One of the most prestigious partnerships that Beijing Normal University has is their partnership with Princeton in Beijing that collaborates with Princeton University in the United States. Additional impressive partnerships include the university consortium with Danube University Krems, the University of Applied Sciences Osnabruck, and the University of Tampere that offers an Erasmus+ joint Master’s degree that combines a Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education.

The most notable schools and departments of the school are: School of Sociology, School of Environment, School of Arts and Mass Media, School of Social Development and Public Policy, School of Psychology, School of Systems Science, Department of Physics, School of Philosophy, School of History, School of Mathematics, Department of Astronomy, School of Geography, School of Resources, School of Chemistry, School of life Science, School of Foreign Language & Culture, School of Economy and Business Administration, School of Law, School of Chinese Language and Literature, and Faculty of Education.

Final Remarks

Beijing Normal University is one of the top universities to study in China. In terms of global prestige, international partnerships, and established professional networks, Beijing Normal University is an excellent choice for Chinese and international students. If you are looking for some of the top degree programs in China, then it is highly recommended that you apply to and seriously consider Beijing Normal University.

Once you receive your notice of acceptance, application dates December through February. Limited rooms available.

Chinese Government (CSC) and Confucius (excluding Confucius Study Plan) scholarship recipients, and exchange students who have their accommodation fee waived, are not required to reserve online. Your housing arrangements will be settled by the school.

Liyun Apartment No. ! International Students Dorm A

Short term

Single Room A2 US$10 per day

Single Room A3 US$12 per day

Double Room A! US$8 per day

Long Term

Single Room A2 US$9 per day

Single Room A3 US$10 per day

Double Room A1 US$6 per day

Liyun Apartment No. 3 International Students Dorm B

Short Term

Single Room B1 US$30 per day

Suite B2 US$30 per day

Long Term

Single Room B1 US$15

Suite B2 US$14 per day

Suite B3 US$15 per day

Suite B3 US$24 per day

Xinsong Apartment C

Short Term

Single Room C2 US$9

Double Room C1 US$9


Double C1 US$9

Double C2 US$10

Double C3 US$12

Double C3 US$20

Lanhui Apartment E

Short term Double Room E US$19

Long term Double Room E US$10

No. 2 International Students Dorms H

Long Term Double Room US$19

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